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A group project for
RGA / Sensible Objects. 
We were briefed to pitch a concept for a new game with a social impact, using the basis of Sensible Objects’ sensory gaming, which combines technology with tactile elements. 
Distant Shores - Gilad Kaufman
Sunken Valley - Gilad Kaufman
Crystals - Gilad Kaufman
For this project my group decides to design a multisensory audio-game, to help users, such as insomniacs sleep. Through our research we learn how sound and certain colours can induce sleep. The game will feature an auditory 3D world which players can explore soley through sound localisation. It will require mininal motion, and thinking in order to tire the brain.
Demo soundtracks
Gilad Kaufman:
Film, Branding,
Concept, Sound
Miriana Greco:
Type design, App, Branding
Sue Heeyeon An:
Branding, Concept, Presentation
Michael Chen:
Branding, Concept, Presentation
Joanna Marczak:
Mat design, Research
For our pitch presentation, we produced a short promotion film to demonstrate the gameplay and its soundtrack.
Gilad Kaufman:
Directing, filming, editing, sound
Marta Urbez:
For the game’s visual identity we choose colours which are less irritating at night, while avoiding blue and bright colours which have negative impact on sleep.
We develop a unique typeface and a logo icon which is based on the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos who is portrayed as having two wings on his head.
remotes 2.jpg
For minimal movement the players will control their character with a simple wireless pressure sensoring mat. The mat will be made of soft soothing materials such as fur, and can be placed anywhere.
In the game the players are tasked to find missing melody fragments, which can be heard when near their sound source. The world is comprised of 8 sections, each area will have a distinctive soothing ambient sound. In the morning players can check the map on the phone to see where they explored at night. 
Additionally, while exploring players have a chance to meet other players by hearing a small indicator, and a notification in the morning with a possibility to chat with them. This will add a social aspect to let players know they are not alone.
iPhone 6-7-8 Plus – 6.png
iPhone 6-7-8 Plus – 9.png
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